New Records (week of 8/20/13)

First is a fresh take on a classic; Yellowcard returns after a couple year hiatus to their platinum album Ocean Avenue. This time however it's all handled acoustically. This isn't a re-release but rather a new album of old material redone in an acoustic style. Album is aptly named Ocean Avenue Acoustic. To be honest, Yellowcard really isn't my thing but after hearing this acoustic album, I may listen a few more times. Really enjoy the genre especially being an acoustic guitar player myself.

Catching my attention moreso is a new release from Typhoon. 

White Lighter
By Typhoon

Typhoon is an indie rock band out of Portland with an almost jam band sound. Well crafted with many layers their songs are a treat to the ears. I really like their fine use of orchestration and the large-scale harmonies (band routinely performs with 10-14 players). Even though some of the arrangements are complicated, they never become overbearing and it always fits within the construct of the song. Add to that some amazingly catchy vocal melodies and there's greater emphasis on good songs than there is showing off musicianship. As it should be in my opinion.

They remind me of a couple bands but don't come off sounding like any one directly; Rusted Root, Fleet Foxes, Freelance Whales, and maybe even Fun. I've already sampled a few of the songs from this upcoming release (thank you Music Unlimited) and it appears Typhoon has another solid album in their discography.