Apple Music Sharing ABOG Playlist

Since the launch of Apple Music on June 30th, I've noticed that it's now possible to share custom playlists from iTunes. This comes in quite handy since I already have a complete list in iTunes of all the songs we've played on the podcast thus far. And with this new technology, say what you will about Apple Music, I'm happy to be able to share this playlist.

If you're an Apple and iTunes user, give our show's playlist a follow by clicking on the button below. I'll continually update this playlist to include new tunes played on the show.

Not familiar with the music we've played? Here's a complete listing of all the great local and indie bands Shane and I have shared with our listeners on the podcast.

And as always, if you like one of the songs, be sure to click through and support the artist with a purchase and a follow/like. We sincerely thank you for keeping these fine artists going. Not sure what we'd do without more of their tunes.