Can Anybody Here Buy This Old Fool A Drink?

Hola! I feel like I shout this at you and then promise you more consistent entries in this blog, and then I disappoint you by not following through. Well let me tell you, oh loyal readers, life has a funny way of saying, “oh no, I’ve got other plans for you”! The past few months yours truly has gotten a promotion and a move to another store! Congratulations, you say? Hold on - the minute I get placed in my new store, the other Assistant manager gets the boot - leaving my bad self to handle the duties of two, count ‘em, two ASMs. Hours increase, frustration levels rise, I wonder just what the hell I have gotten myself into…well, let me tell ya, things may have finally turned a corner where we are at full staff for management now. Does that mean I am going to be more consistent here on the good ol’ ABOG blog? I hope, but 4th quarter looms and the Christmas rush is bearing down fast on this humble narrator. All I can say is…be on the lookout for more great album recommendations in some form or another. I will do what I can to keep you listening to the best that music has to offer!

Speaking of which, the vocal trio of this here website has been bringing the heat the past few episodes! How can I compete with these stellar recommendations? And how do I get to make them review an album of MY choosing? Stay tuned, faithful ones!! Without further preamble, here is what I have been soaking my earholes in lately!


Clutch Book Of Bad Decisions: Another stellar entry by the Maryland quartet that’s been around for 25 years or so. One of my favorite bands, Clutch has been on the forefront of so-called “stoner” rock for a while now. Whatever you want to call them, they are able to bring the heat with each release. While they seem to be in a holding pattern the past few albums (let’s face it, they have made the same album over and over again since Earth Rocker) it’s still a good time. Vocalist Neil Fallon is in fine form and is a powerhouse, while the band keeps things rolling along just fine. Here’s hoping they experiment a little on the next album


Alkaline Trio Is This Thing Cursed?: What can I say? This album has taken me by force! What a great punk rock album! I have never been a huge fan, but this record has changed my mind completely. Every song is a tour de force - Matt Skiba’s vocals are on point and have enough bite to keep me coming back for more. Do not sleep on this one, it’s a full fledged keeper. Lots o’ melodies and just enough crunch to keep things interesting.

burn the priest.jpg

Burn The Priest Legion:XX: Okay, a little backstory here - Burn The Priest is the original name of metal act Lamb Of God. This album is a tribute to the bands that shaped Lamb of God’s vision. So….yeah, another covers album. You know what you are getting into here by just the titles themselves - “Kill Yourself” by SOD, “Jesus Built My Hotrod” by Ministry, “I Against I” by Bad Brains. Yup, it’s a metal and punk covers album. And damn if they don’t pull it off. D Randall Blythe has been one of my favorite metal vocalists for a long time and he throws himself into these songs with abandon. The band follows suit. It’s really a banger, cue it up and play it loud!


Pennywise Never Gonna Die: A stunning return to form for these punk rockers. And believe me, they have been sorely missing something on their past few albums. They had a great run in the early to late 90’s, then seemed to lose the plot. Well, I’m here to tell you, the plot has been found. Song after song of melodic, political, and aggressive punk rock. They sound hungry again on this release. Keep it up, boys!


Pagan Black Wash: I’m not gonna say too much about this album, as I’m sure the boys will bring their opinions to bear on this one next episode. My thoughts - It’s a good album that will really grow on you. You will need to take some time to get used to the vocals, but vocalist Nikki Brumen has a fantastic voice underneath all the screaming. And the band can just bring the heat. I’m glad Karl recommended this one, because I have a feeling this one is going to have some staying power…

That’s it for this time my friends! Stay tuned for more listening goodness. Thanks for reading and supporting your ABOG team! Be sure to see as much live music as possible! Stay tuned for a review of the upcoming MC50 concert in Milwaukee!

Current Listening: MC5 Kick Out The Jams; VA Disques Debs International Vol. 1; Fishbone Truth And Soul; Swingin Utters Peace And Love; Alice Cooper Welcome To My Nightmare