Community Event Footage : ABOG Vs. Retroids Zeroes (Extra Life 2012)

Bill and I streamed a lot of our gaming during Extra Life this past weekend and one of the gems recorded was our first ever Killzone 3 match against the Retroids Zeroes clan. All in good fun and the losing team ended up donating to the winner. Not to spoil the results (you should watch the video) but Bill and I just donated.

Captured footage was from my perspective; I happened to be connected during those couple hours. Be sure to check back later for more videos from Extra Life. A few of you make appearances.

Please note that I'm far from an expert Killzone 3 player and like many A Band of Gamers, I play for fun. Keep that in mind as you watch this video (slowly runs and hides from all the "You're doing it wrong" gamers).

Also note that due to technical difficulties (noob streamer and video capture guys present), some of our video streaming lost audio. This video, unfortunately, is one that does not include audio.