Construction Time Again

'Ello everybody! I have been away too long! I hope to be somewhat more regular with this column than I have been going forward. Sometimes real life just gets in the way. Let me tell you what's been going on since we last spoke....

In the non-musical portion of the last few weeks, the wife and I have finally decided to get our basement trimmed out. We bought our house 3 years ago, and one of the perks of buying it was that the basement was in the process of being finished. It had all the drywall, was taped and mudded, all that needed to be done was the painting and trim. When we moved in, we felt it needed to be painted and livable as soon as possible. Did that, now fast forward three years, and we want to make it better. Put down baseboards, ledges, and trim around the windows and doors. Did I tell you that I am handy that way? No, I did not. Hence I've been learning on the fly. I am about to get some help soon, so we will be just left with sanding and painting.

Musically speaking, I finally was able to get our desktop computer fixed at the beginning of the year - it needed a new hard drive. Then came the painstaking process of getting everything back the way I like it. But I was happy - I now had access to my 1TB hard drive filled with music! Finally, I could reload my ipod! And there is where the problems began. My itunes was not current with what was saved....I only had half albums, tracks were missing, etc. I had everything on the external hard drive, but I now have to re-transfer all of that music back to the itunes library. I know, first world problems. It's still a pain in the @$$. I am currently up to Devo Hardcore Live. And there's already over a thousand albums on there! Maybe I need to be more selective? But I like to have everything available....

I hope all of you have been enjoying the podcasts! I have kept up with them, and there was some interesting discussion on Omar Rodriguez Lopez's album. I have not listened enough to give my opinion on that one as of now. What I've heard, I have liked. I have always been a fan of At The Drive In, not so much The Mars Volta. Joel also mentioned not liking a Black Keys concert (Ep 140) and cited timing issues. Not sure which one he saw, I have seen them a number of times since 2003, they've been great every time. I last saw them on the Brothers tour in 2011, had a great time. I'll have to ask him about that one.

Just a couple of albums on my radar right now that you should check out: Ty Segall has a new self titled album out that is good - garage rock, but not all three chord madness. There are some other styles on this record that really suit him. Also I picked up a copy of Blackberry Smoke Leave A Scar - Live In North Carolina - another good record.

Current Listening: The Sonics Live At Easy Street ; Devo Dev-O Live ; God Lives Underwater Empty ; The Jackyl Motion Picture Soundtrack