Review: DarkSiders 2

A couple years ago Vigil games came out with an awesome but overlooked game called Darksiders and now 2 years later they are back in full force with Darksiders II. This game proves you don't need a sequel to come out every year. I wish more developers would take note of this game. Sure it still has its flaws but by taking their time and not rushing it they improved almost every aspect over the first game. Story, graphics, control and size of the game.

This time around you play as War's brother Death in his quest to save his brother War who is being falsely accused and held prisoner for starting the apocalypse. Right away when you take control of Death you notice the graphics and controls have been overhauled. The combat is like a beautiful but deadly dance, as Death can slice and dice like it's nothing. Just like in the first game you can buy more combat moves to spread more devastation to your enemies. The graphics are just beautiful from the mountains and water falls of the Forge Lands to the charred realm of Shadows Edge. The attention paid to detail is just amazing, I will admit there are some graphical glitches in some parts but it doesn't kill the game in any way.

The length of the game is pretty big, there are 4 realms Death must traverse to complete his quest. The Forge Lands, The Kingdom of the Dead, Lost Light and lastly Shadows Edge are the four Death must travel to along the way to save War. Each realm has many nooks and crannies to explore aside from the main quest there is also several side quests you can do along the way, from finding the book of the dead pages for Vulgrim to feeding the rockbiter special rocks you find, there's plenty to keep you busy for hours. The one bitch I have about the collectable side quest is this, why isn't there a collectable counter for each land? The first game had an item you could get to show you all the items on the map screen that you haven't collected but in this there is nothing. So if you're going for trophies or whatever and want to shorten your play through, follow a guide otherwise you'll pull your hair out trying to figure out what you missed. At least the rock biter gems make a humming sound if you're near one.

The one thing they did this time around is throw in RPG elements. You level up by gaining experience and get one skill point to put into two special sets of moves. If you're an action RPG loot whore you're in luck there's tons of loot to be found from killing enemies to finding treasure chests. Loot is everywhere. You'll have so much loot to sell that money is never an issue in the game. Leveling up never seems like a chore because finishing each quest gives you a good amount of experience as does killing bosses and certain enemies. 

In closing, while not a perfect game, it's still a great game to play through and with more to come in dlc down the line there will be plenty to do even after the main quest. Developers take note DarkSiders II is a perfect example of how you don't have to beat a horse to death every year. This is the closest game to the Legend of Zelda on the PS3 and Xbox 360. In some ways it's better yet in some ways it's not. So if you haven't played the first Darksiders, do yourself a favor and play it. If you enjoyed the first Darksiders and didn't pick up Darksiders II, you're missing out.