The Reports of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Hey there ho there hi there! It’s been a long while since I’ve bent your eyes, hopefully you are all doing well. Lots going on in the Sherfinski household, but unfortunately it’s all work related and boring stories. It seems as if I am running out of free time to write articles for your favorite spot on the worldwide web. For a while it seemed as if I might have to give up on it completely, but fortunately clearer heads prevailed, and I will still be bringing you the goods. It might not be as often (yeah, like I’ve ever had a schedule - thanks Joel!) but I promise I will still give you something to think, smile or cry about. Well, maybe not cry, that’s not really my thing. Not sure I would have made it as a goth. But I like their music! Anyways, on with the goods!!

First, the New Standards!


CJ Ramone The Holy Spell…

1234! You can’t hear that phrase one time on the new album by CJ Ramone The Holy Spell… and that’s a good thing. The former bass player for the Ramones is in fine form here on his 4th solo outing. To these ears, the later albums by the Ramones were great to just hear CJ belt out one or two tunes. I’ve always loved his vocals - they may not be for everyone, but they were the highlights for an unfortunately fading band. Skip ahead to 2019 and CJ has still got it. The songs may not be as tightly wound as Johnny Ramone would force them to be, but he’s still got that punk rock spirit. He’s still got some bangers, plus a few different tunes that will make you sit up and take notice, The song “Hands of Mine” really stands out among the others. It’s a celebration of everything his hands have brought him. Also there are the straight up punkers that old school fans will love, such as “I’m Disappointed” and “Waiting On The Sun”. All in all another solid effort from the man.


Brant Bjork Keep Your Cool

Keep Your Cool is a remaster of a 2003 release by Brant Bjork, former drummer of both Kyuss and Fu Manchu. He continues the laid back, stoner 70’s vibe of his first few albums, while also hinting at new things to come. He is a multi-instrumentalist, and he deftly weaves stoner rock with a California feel. Songs seem to flow into one another, while also keeping enough of a separate entity so that you remember all of the hooks. The next time you have a chill-out at your house, make sure to put this on and keep the sunny good vibes going.

Next: The Old Favorites!


Powerman 5000 Mega!! Kung Fu Radio

Reaching back to the halcyon days of Nu-Metal comes Powerman 5000, the band fronted by Rob Zombie’s kid brother Spider. This band unfairly gets lumped in with the rest of the Nu Metal detritus, even though this 1997 album really was different for it’s time. Sure, future albums would lean more heavily on Nu-Metal’s “formula” (Really, the 1999 album Tonight The Stars Revolt! was fantastic, but it was such a shift away from this album that I feel like it did them in. Yeah, they have other albums, but I haven’t heard them. Have you?) Was this album downtuned? Yes. Was there rap added to rock? Most certainly. What set these guys apart was the addition of a second drummer/percussionist, and the decidedly horror/Sci-Fi bent of the lyrics. While the lyrics were nothing new from a member of the Rob Zombie family, the songs got a boost from the percussionist. He gave them a nice groove, adding bongos and hand drums and wind chimes and other elements that added to the songs’ overall feel. He left after this album and the band got much more “normal”. It’s a shame because I missed grooves like “Earth vs Me” “Organizized”, and “Car Crash”. This is not available on vinyl (as far as I know!) but seek it out. You won’t be disappointed.

motley crue.jpg

Motley Crue Too Fast For Love

Definitely not a hard album to find, but one that I feel is overlooked by the casual fan. True fans know that the best two albums from the Crue are this one and Shout At The Devil. Obviously the Netflix movie “The Dirt” has brought them back to the public eye. This one is raw and in your face. You could tell they were out to conquer the world without holding back. You should all know the first tune, “Live Wire”, but this album has a bunch of anthems as deeper cuts as well - check out “Come On And Dance”, “Take Me To The Top”, and the title track. Take a trip back to the 80’s (in a good way).

Thanks for the podcast cheers gentlemen!!

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