Favorite of the Year 2012: Your Selections

I think it's safe to say that 2012 was a better than average year for videogames. It may not have been the biggest in recent memory, but it certainly wasn't anything to be disappointed with. As was the case in years past, we saw the majority of blockbuster titles released primarily in the first and last quarters of the year, with a number of quality titles sprinkled throughout the remaining months. It was also a year that was particularly bright with downloadable games from both the PlayStation Network and XBLA - a trend that I anticipate will continue to evolve as we enter 2013.

Although A Band of Gamers has only been up-and-running for a little over 6 months, it's the wonderful interactions from the community that has made it a success. Without you ABOG would not exist and your contributions to the First Annual Favorite of the Year is another shining example of how incredible this community truly is.

Although we talked about it in great length during ABOG podcast # 10 FotY 2012, we thought it was a good idea to list everyone's individual selections. Maybe you're looking for a little more guidance and convincing. Maybe you're still on the fence about buying a game that's made this list. Why not hit up the ABOG member(s) that feel so passionate about these games to help you decide? It's what we do here. Also, if you weren't able to get your FotY selection submitted in time for the podcast, please add a comment and let us know what yours is. Just because 2012 has come and gone doesn't mean we can't continue talking about the games that made it so memorable.

Here they are, your Favorite of the Year

MikePSN2012 - Need for Speed Most Wanted:  "I like the online in the game and playing with my friends on my PSN account or from this community when I can."

SweaterCat - Rainbow Moon:  "This is a great rpg for anyone who wants to get into the genre but has been scared off by previous titles that just assume you've been playing them since birth."

iamhannah - Sleeping Dogs:  "I don't finish many games but I couldn't stop playing Sleeping Dogs."

Randum - Forza Horizon:  ". . . this latest Forza combines my favorite element of driving games - a realistic simulation if you want it - open world racing, a HUGE selection of  cars and a fairly fun multiplayer."

Rhino_WJB - NBA 2K12:   "My FOTY vote goes to NBA2K13"

Zia-Tiger - The Walking Dead:  ". . . great story and game mechanics."

LardTeamaker - Zen Pinball 2:  "With Zen Studios releasing the tables with new physics they took an already great game and made it even better."

Gary Traylor - Uncharted: Golden Abyss:  "I said I would buy a Vita for that game, I did and loved it!"

DBS1965 - The Walking Dead:  "The Walking Dead stands out as I have not stopped until done with that one...."

OneGoodScare78 - The Walking Dead:  ". . . it drew me in like no other game has ever done." 

Rayman489 - Borderlands 2:  ". . . an awesome campaign full of laughs and twists."

Close-2nd - Need for Speed Most Wanted:  ". . . in terms of sheer amount of enjoyable playtime, I suspect NFS: MW will rival or even surpass Killzone 3."  

Rman5K - Transformers Fall of Cybertron:  "It is the one game that I was able to play start to finish and all three of my boys watching. To them each level was like watching an EP of the cartoon."

XanthanGun - SSX:  "I'm a pretty big fan of score chasing, and this is one of the most addictive score chases I've played."