Soft Music & Hard Liquor - The Highballers

Hello everyone and welcome back to your friendly neighborhood music blogger! Thanks to everyone for the kind words I received on the last column - hopefully I can live up to your expectations! That said, lets move on, shall we?

This week I am going to spend a little time getting the word out on a band that I have been digging lately - The Highballers out of the Washington DC area. The Highballers classify themselves as alt-country or Americana, and that's as good as description as any. If you are into X, or their country alter ego The Knitters (performed with the always amazing Dave Alvin) you will dig The Highballers. They have two records out as of now: this one and their second self titled record on Woodshed Records. Let's hope that there is a new one on the horizon! I can't say enough about these two records - great lyrics with a touch of humor scattered throughout, top-notch playing, and they have the tunes to back up the talent. This band will be going places, you should get in on the ground floor...

You can find out more about this band by going to their Facebook page or visiting their website

My favorite description from their Facebook page:

"We like sparkle Fender guitars, vintage tube amps, classic country, nudie suits, spaghetti westerns, Exene & John Doe harmonies and lots of twang."

Recommended if you like: X, Johnny Cash, The Knitters, Willie Nelson, Gram Parsons

Extra: I heard on the latest podcast (Ep127) that one of our listeners was asking which of the first four Metallica albums was our go to album. I wanted to weigh in here as well as comment on something that Shane had said. He was professing his love of the Load lbum and he was right about some of it. There are some great riffs to be found on that record and on Re-Load. I always thought that you could pick the best tracks from those records and make a really strong coherent single album - in fact, I read somewhere online where someone had done a playlist like that. It's something I'd like to try someday. I also think that if those two records had been released by someone other than Metallica, people would be praising them up and down. It's just not what people wanted from a Metallica record. That said, my go to album from them continues to be Ride The Lightning. What can I say? It's got all the songs I like.

I am currently listening to: Rise Against The Sufferer & The Witness, Dee Dee Ramone Zonked!

Shout out to Sean Lally, guitarist extrordinaire with The Highballers - thanks for letting me use the pic and thanks for the music!