Madden-ing Football

I mentioned on the podcast how Madden NFL videogame football hasn't been cooperating in recent years with my PlayStation 3 and I decided to do some research in order to get this problem resolved. For those who didn't hear that, I've been experiencing a freezing issue with the last few iterations of EA's Madden NFL. Happens right after I snap the ball and is jarring enough to throw off the gameplay fluidity which causes me controller errors (trying to take my player to the left before I have control of the player, passing the ball at a moment the game won't let me pass and when it finally gives me control I end up making a passing mistake, etc.)

Was really hoping, and for some reason the demo didn't include this freezing, that the issue had been finally fixed. Madden NFL 13 stepped it up this year with some nice additions so I really want to play the game. The new physics engine for example is a fantastic improvement.

I guess I shouldn't have been surprised but in my optimism, I thought the issue was something to do with my specific PlayStation 3. In other words maybe I could get this fixed by addressing an issue with my console. Fortunately and unfortunately (depending on how you want to view this I suppose), this problem is effecting more than just myself; Check out this discussion at Operation Sports.

I took this video with my iPhone 4S to document and share my experiences. Sorry for it not being a direct screen capture.

I am using an upgraded hard drive (500gb) but I do not experience problems in other games, so although the advice from some is to revert back to my original PlayStation 3 hard drive, I personally find that to be an inconvenience and therefore not an optimal solution. I do own an XBOX 360 which provides another option.