Review: Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

 Revenge is sweet but Revengeance is sweeter. So you liked the new Devil May Cry? or you really enjoyed the button mashing fun that is Lollipop Chainsaw? Well Metal Rising Revengeance is for you! I had my doubts about this game but they've been all washed away. An action Metal Gear game with Snake wouldn't work but an action Metal Gear game with a cyborg Raiden does thanks to Platinum games. For a game that went through development hell it turned out pretty good. Also I would like to point out since the demo didn't have tutorial guess what the full game does so there you go!

  Raiden is back with a vengeance taking on the evil of the world. This story is not for the weak of heart it has slicing and dicing and it's just plain wicked. It has all the crazy Metal Gear story going on. Enough about the story just experience it yourself and enjoy. I had very little faith in this game until I brought it home popped it in my ps3 and let the carnage begin. Im not going to  bore you with all the graphical detail and such because well there will be plenty of other reviews that have that but it does have that gritty war torn Metal Gear Solid 4 look to it which is nice and not a bad thing. Don't get me wrong, it's a pretty looking game, I just think seeing it for yourself will speak more about it. Now on to some important factors that matter.

  So you played the new DMC and liked the controls? Well you're in luck MGRR controls about the same way which is a good thing. You slice you dice and occasionally throw a grenade or use a rocket launcher and it all works well. Raiden movements are smooth and elegant for the most part. The LOCK-ON system works pretty well for what it is. I didn't really have much trouble with it but sometimes it would go whack-o on me. Slicing and dicing and parrying all work very well especially when you enter blade mode at a certain time and can chop the enemies up or in half if you prefer. Which gets really detailed and bloody at the same time. Raiden can do what they call a ninja run by holding R1 (PS3 controller) that lets him move super fast and automatically jump over boxes, slide through holes and whatever else gets in his way. I would almost say the control is perfect if it wasn't for having no lock on and occasionally the camera going screwy at certain times.

  While it is an action game it's not terribly long there's only seven chapters but with lots of replayability and collectibles. If you're not trying to improve you grade your collecting intel from computers or trying to severe that one enemy's arm to collect, oh yes one of the collectibles is certain enemy's left arm for data. As you play through you get points which can be used to upgrade Raiden and purchase new skills and weapons. So there's plenty to do even though it's only seven chapters there's still lots to had. Put down the COD and the Halo and try something that's a button mashing good time. You might surprise yourself and smile the whole time you're playing and have some good old fashion fun, you don't even have to be a fan of Metal Gear to enjoy this game.

 In closing controls are not perfect but what controls are? Graphics? Nice and pretty with the war torn gritty look to them. Sound? It's good and Raidens new voice fits. Just don't pass this gem up and all the pop culture references with it. Like I said in the beginning, I had no hope or excitement for this game but that's all been washed away and im glad I decided to give this game a shot and you should too. Now go pick the game up and GO NINJA GO GO NINJA GO!!