New Releases (3/11/14)

Side A/Video Games

A game that must be good. If it wasn't, Microsoft and their XBOX One could end up dead in the water with too slow of a start compared to the PlayStation 4. Maybe an exaggeration, but head starts in the console wars is an important aspect as was demonstrated last generation with the XBOX 360 (faulty hardware released a year earlier than the PlayStation 3 still sold more in the US based on the head start).

I'm speaking of course about Titanfall. A game that will also release simultaneously on the PC but the upcoming XBOX 360 version will come out later. I actually bought an XBOX One yesterday and as an XBOX One owner, I plan to buy the first flagship title. Fingers crossed it meets the high expectations. But all that aside, it looks like a fun game and one I want to play.

Titanfall - Xbox One
Electronic Arts
Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers featuring Edie Brickell Live [CD+DVD]
By Steve Martin, Edie Brickell, Steep Canyon Rangers

Side B/Music

Steve Martin is a funny man but there is nothing funny about his banjo pickin'. He is good! Last year he collaborated with Edie Brickell and released the beautiful album, Love Has Come For You. This week we get a CD/DVD of their PBS recorded Great Performances special. Features many songs off their latest album in addition to a few off some of Steve Martin (and the Steep Canyon Rangers) prior albums. If you haven't heard Mr. Martin on his banjo before, I implore you to watch/hear this. I've added it to my Amazon wish list but are holding out for a vinyl release (if that happens down the road).