New Releases (Week of 4/6/14)

Side A/Video Games

Conspiracy theorists can find something new to dwell on as Microsoft is releasing Titanfall for the XBOX 360 this week. Many thought this game would see infinite delays to maximize sales of XBOX One (previously the only console Titanfall was playable on) but turns out the game will release about a month after the XBOX One version. Supposed to be near as good an experience from what I've been reading and hearing and if that's the case, good game to buy for FPS/360 fans.

Side B/Music

This week ABOG will be at the Midwest Gaming Classic event in Brookfield, WI wherein many retro video games and pinball machines will be represented (and playable). Feels appropriate then to choose a more "retro" music release this week so I'm digging back one week and pulling out a record I missed. Recently just discovered Band of Skulls and their new album, Himalayan, is a grower. Took some time to grow on me and until it did I was also enjoying another record by Band of Skulls, Sweet and Sour. Put both in your headphones as you travel to MGC this weekend.

By Band of Skulls
Sweet Sour
By Band of Skulls