New Records (week of 10/15/13)

Going with two records this week as both are fantastic additions to your vinyl collection.  I've had a chance to listen to both and can happily say they're both worth the purchase. Nice when artists whom have been making music for many, many years continue to put out solid albums.

For Paul McCartney, this is his best work in over 15 years. Have to go all the way back to Flaming Pie (released in 1997) for his next best original release (not counting his fabulous live albums). Although I'm a big Paul and The Beatles fan, I don't care for all of his solo material especially the last bunch of years. But that changes with his latest which I've already put a few hours into. I can tell, unlike the last few albums of his, that I will listen to this one dozens of times.  Some of the tracks harken back to his 70's material which is my favorite period in his solo career.

New [Vinyl]
By Paul McCartney

Couldn't stop there. Pearl Jam has a new album out this week as well. Quite a solid effort too. Well produced with finely crafted, and kickass, tunes. 

Lightning Bolt
By Pearl Jam