New Records (week of 10/8/13)

I just hit the proverbial jackpot recently. A coworker of my mother reached out to me selling her brother's large collection. She even hand wrote out the extensive list of vinyl. Long story short, rather than offer her a few hundred dollars for the entire collection, I opted instead to pick out a few of my favorites. Even reached on a couple to hopefully find something "new" that I may have missed before.

Looking over (and listening like I often do) to the list of new release vinyl out this week, I stumbled across a band that I keep I seeing and hearing. Even seen them open for the Black Keys a couple of years ago yet still haven't heard much of their material. Here again, another gem I missed before. Until now that is.

Melophobia (Vinyl)
By Cage the Elephant

If the rest of the album is as good as the track currently available via Sony's Music Unlimited Service, Come A Little Closer, this will be a must add to the collection. Click the album artwork above and give it a sample listen (or twelve).