New Records (week of 8/27/13)

When I first heard Black Joe Lewis I immediately hit the internet for a search. Needed to confirm he wasn't an artist from the 60's or 70's with some newly, uncovered releases. Maybe like Tupac, his "new" material was sitting in someone's recording studio unused.

His latest record out this Tuesday, Electric Slave, is another fresh take on old school rhythm & blues blended with rock and disco. Hard not to start moving and shaking when listening to Black Joe Lewis. I love his style of guitar playing and the retro tones he gets out his equipment. It's no surprise why the artists chose to release this latest album on vinyl rather than just CD/mp3. The tone and retro style screams for it.

I downloaded and have been listening to a track off of this forthcoming album non-stop this past week. Come to My Party has an almost disco sound yet it sounds fresh next to today's modern music.

Click the link below for an easy way to add this vinyl to your collection. Highly recommended! 

Electric Slave
By Black Joe Lewis