New Records (week of 9/10/13)

I've seen some of the Miles Davis records on new release shelves at local record stores. Slowly re-releasing the catalog of many great classics. Of course being a big fan of Miles I haven't been able to resist all temptation. Picked up 180g vinyl copies of Kind of Blue and Bitches Brew. Both sound incredible especially Kind of Blue. I can tell the pressing was well handled because Miles and his horn sound like they're in the room with me when I'm listening. You can hear all of the fine acoustics. Amazing!

Perusing the list of new records this week and, like the music store new record shelf, I couldn't resist yet another 'new' release of Miles Davis. This time Miles Smiles is on the shelf. Of course I'll virtually grab a copy with my pick for this week.

Miles Smiles
By Miles Davis

I always appreciate bands that can utilize their good chemistry to create even better music and this is definitely the case with Miles Smiles.  After you soak that in, listen closer to the individual parts. Smiles features Miles Davis second great quintet and each shine on this record. Rather than being a band behind Miles while he solos over the whole album, each member brings an equal part and all contribute to the sound. Both the overall compositions and the individual parts are all quite extraordinary. Herbie Hancock on piano, Ron Carter on the bass and Tony Williams behind the drums are highlights not to mention the obvious Miles playing at the top of his game.

Price is high for this new release but upon closer inspection it's a 180 gram audiophile virgin vinyl LP. Handled using the original analog master tapes so this album should sound close the original release back when it came out in 1967.