New Records (week of 9/17/13)

Jack Johnson is back with a new album this week and apparently one that fits more into his unique style of surf, folk rock (his last couple were a slight departure from that). This latest record was written entirely on an acoustic guitar which I personally can relate to being in an acoustic, rock band myself and using an acoustic guitar exclusively. Lately I've been tempted to grab an electric and open up my sound more so it's admirable when another artist decides to only use the acoustic. If done right, it's quite an amazing instrument and of course Jack knows how to make it sing.

Add in his catchy and thoughtful vocals and you get the sound many of us have grown to love. He's a surfer boy with a laid back approach to life and his music breathes that vibe. Hard not to smile and feel relaxed when listening to Jack Johnson. Be sure to check out his latest which comes out this Tuesday on vinyl. 

From Here To Now To You
By Jack Johnson