New Records (week of 9/24/13)

I need to level with you. Looking over the short  release list on vinyl this week and I wasn't impressed. Unlike the previous few weeks, there wasn't a ton of albums to choose from and none jumped out at me. Sometimes I even get to choose between a couple albums. Well, not this week.

Instead I offer you a record I've been spinning a lot and I hope you agree that it's worthy addition to everyone's record collection. 

Recently I've been playing a lot of 30's and 40's blues. The early days of the genre, and the recording process in general, fascinates me. Not only that but the music is really good! Blues legends like Robert Johnson and Skip James. Of course finding analog recordings on vinyl is the optimal way to appreciate this music and the record above is a classic example. 

A compilation of recordings by many blues artists focusing specifically on the harmonica. I listen to my friend and singer, Sergio, practice his harmonica each week which has given me a tremendous appreciation for the instrument. It's more challenging to play than I ever imagined it considering all the nuances like how you breathe (in our out), where you put your mouth (obviously), how you form your lips, etc.. Then I throw this album on the turntable and listen in amazement at some of history's best harmonica playing.  Amazing players and content within and a fantastic way to appreciate the instrument.

All that being said, if you don't like harmonica, this is still a great blues record. Highly recommended and a nice fill-in for a slow new release week.