New and Shiny A and B (2/11/14)

The cold winter months are low on heat and slow on new releases. Fortunately there's a couple slow burns this week that will keep the fire warm and radiating for at least another week.

Side A/Video Games

Not a new game but new content to a title many regarded as their favorite in 2013; The Last of Us. The Left Behind downloadable content contains more single player content which should make a lot of people very happy. Many have been looking for a reason to return to this world.

Side B/Music

Fifty years ago yesterday, on February 9th 1964, The Beatles made their US debut on the Ed Sullivan show. Of course many publications and television shows created fresh content for this momentous anniversary and quite a few of my friends and family tuned away from the Winter Olympics last night to watch and remember this important time in music history.

Around our house this means an opportunity to spin a lot of Beatles music. Been a big fan ever since I was a child and even though I listen to many other artists and genres of music, I always find myself coming back for more Beatles. It's timeless.

Fortunately there's a new vinyl release this week that hits the spot. It's Beatles music covered by one of the world's best jazz guitarists, Al Di Meola. I've been listening to this via mp3 (bought on iTunes) for a few months now and it's an absolutely incredible piece of music. Di Meola mashes classic Beatles compositions together in a jazz style played on an acoustic guitar.