New and Shiny A and B (2/18/14)

Side A/Video Games

It's alien bug crushing time which must mean either Starship Troopers is releasing yet another film sequel or, even better, there's a new Earth Defense Force game out this week. Pick up Earth Defense Force 2025 for either the PlayStation 3 or XBOX 360 priced $10 less than full price titles at $49.99 and arguably even more fun than some of those higher priced games. I'll be picking up the PS3 version if you want to co-op together for some mindless bug blasting.

Side B/Music

A 1992 performance from a live band that continues to impress all these years later. Most recently, Derek Trucks, has been playing lead guitar for this outfit but has just recently left the band (assuming to carry on his already thriving solo career), so when I saw this release hit the list, I was immediately looking for another live performance that included Mr. Trucks fine guitar work. No worries, this performance, albeit with a different couple guys in the rotation, is as good as all the other great Allman Brothers live performances.

I've always been a fan of this band and their intricate guitar work and it's always great to hear that played live especially with the added improvisation from many fine players. Couldn't find a vinyl copy but still shines on CD/mp3.