New Releases (Week of 4/13/14)

I don't have a motorcycle in my garage (yet) but for some reason I love the video game form of motorcycle riding. It's no secret the love affair I have with one motorcycling game in particular, Joe Danger, but that love actually runs much deeper. Dates back to my playing Excitebike as a boy on the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

My pick for new video game out this week reminds me of both Joe Danger and Excitebike. It's set on a 2D plane and the physics of keeping the motorcycle on two wheels is crucial to the gameplay. I'm speaking of Trials Fusion which releases on the PlayStation 4 and the XBOX One. Trials Fusion isn't the first entry in the series and has been previously exclusive to XBOX home consoles so this marks the first time PlayStation only gamers will have a chance to give this gem a try.

Available in digital format for $19.99 or on disc for $39.99. The more expensive disc version also includes a season pass of downloadable content (out in the future).

Rather than choose one music release to suggest this week, I'm picking them all. This Saturday April 19th is Record Store Day which means there will be a plethora of fantastic records to choose from. Be sure to get out and support a locally owned record store (or twelve) this Saturday and you'll be treated to some exclusive releases available only that day. For a full list of available Record Store Day records and for participating shops, visit