Record Night 05/16

A couple friends and I started a monthly tradition of hanging out, trying new craft beers and spinning records. It's mostly about the records. Each of us chooses one record from our personal collection to bring and spin for the group. Often times people are buying something new or rare or different and already we've had some really unique mixes.

Last night I hosted our May 2016 record night and here is what we spun.

We started off with Credence Clearwater Revival's first album which was brought to us by Scott who was attending his first record night. He ended up winning the evening with his second record choice which we'll get to later. He spun side A of this CCR classic.

Next up is a record night veteran, Jeremy. He livened up the room with the only hip hop choice all evening choosing to spin The Pharcyde classic Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde. Being a huge A Tribe Called Quest fan, I really appreciate jazz beats behind good hip hop and this LP delivers that in abundance. He played sides A & C.

Vince's turn and he chose to spin another classic album. One that just celebrated it's 40th anniversary and is in Shane's (ABOG co-host) all-time favorite albums list. I'm talking about the first Ramones record which was released in 1976. Vince spun side A. Like most of the albums we played, it sounded incredible. Spurred a good discussion about the value of shorter songs too.

My wife Shay was up next and she chose an Elvis Costello & The Attractions album. One of her faves. Most of us spin side A and Shay did just that, playing side A of Punch The Clock. It got a good response from the peanut gallery and rightfully so. It's not only a longer album side, but it also has some really good songs and a wide range of styles.

Eric, another veteran, brought the power of the Canadian rock trio. A work associate recently found him a copy of Moving Pictures for $3.99 and it sounded like a million bucks last night. I was quite pleased when he bucked the trend and played side B.

My turn and I went with a wild card. Based on how the evening was flowing, I decided, since I was hosting and had access to my full collection, to spin some Star Wars disco. Side A is a 15 minute medley based on music from the first film interpreted and performed in a disco style. Including light saber and droid sound effects. Discovered this gem from my step father when I was 9 years old and was ecstatic when I recently found my own copy at a local used books store.

And here it is folks. The record of the night. Newcomer Scott knocked off Star Wars disco (the winning record until he pulled out this number). Fans of the Beastie Boys will immediately recognize the title track and the jam style of the entire record. Scott played side B which kicks off with Root Down. 

Jeremy's second choice was also in the running for record of the night. He chose to play an album that contains a tune included on the Reservoir Dogs soundtrack. Love how we ended with some really grooving jams.

Everyone at these parties knows what a huge 80's fan Shay is. This next record was a treat from Vince to Shay and for the next 15 minutes she was dancing in place on the couch. He spun side A off of Michael Jackson's Off The Wall.


As folks were leaving, I went with my original choice. Just saw this band at Milwaukee's Psych Fest last weekend as did a few others attending record night, so it was quite a treat to those when I pulled out my brand new Klaus Johann Grobe record. We tried singing along but none of us know German.


Here is a Spotify playlist from our record night trimmed down to exactly the albums, sides and songs we listened to. Follow and enjoy.