Resident Evil 6: Franchise Disgrace or Industry Joke?

Resident Evil 6 has been available for only a few days. I picked up a copy on day one and finally got around to starting the game just the other night. Over the last few days there have been numerous "reviews" posted among the various "professional" videogame websites. From Giant Bomb's paltry review score of 40, to the more respectable (and probably more appropriate) GameInformer score of 88, I've never before seen such a disparity. Only being a few hours into my single player campaign, and still having intentions of playing it in co-op mode, it's becoming abundantly clear that these videogame sites and the games they review are becoming less and less reliable.

When Resident Evil 6 was first announced I was just finishing up my co-operative playthrough of Resident Evil 5 - and loved it. Sure, over the years, similar to the evolution of the virus itself, the franchise has undergone numerous changes. The zombies have mutated from the shambling dead of the original Resident Evil to the more aggressive infected of Resident Evil 5, all as a means of Capcom providing an increased variety in gameplay and story that millions of fans have come to adore for years - spanning several consoles and generations.

I don't claim to be an expert on all things Resident Evil but I have come to appreciate the level of detail and complexity that the franchise has been known for. When the reviews for Resident Evil 6 started pouring in on release day I admit that I started to get a little concerned. Was my pre-order of this game doomed to disappoint? Should I have spent my hard earned money on any number of other games set to release over the next few weeks and months? I became more than a little hesitant as I walked into my local Best Buy, pre-order receipt in hand. But then something incredible started to happen and it essentially put this uneasy feeling to rest.

Thanks to the miracle of social media, and the overwhelming voice of the hard-core gamer, I began to hear firsthand accounts from the vast Twitter community and Facebook friends who had already been playing the game for hours. The general consensus was overwhelmingly positive. Some of my closest gaming friends have gone so far as to make early claims that this might be their favorite Resident Evil game to date. But how could this be? How was it that so many of these so-called "professional" videogame reviewers could be at the complete opposite end of the scale? Was it just a ploy to gain attention to their reviews and, by design, the website or magazine they represent? Sure, this may sound a bit conspiratorial, but I think you understand what I'm getting at here.

I have only experienced the first few hours of Resident Evil 6 and am far from coming to my own final opinion of the game. However, the conclusion I have come to gets at the very heart of what A Band of Gamers is all about. I can no longer trust or exclusively rely on these highly popular sources of gaming news and reviews. They have embraced the concept of bias beyond any and all hope of recovery and consider themselves the final word in all things gaming - and it needs to come to a dramatic and climactic end.

Agree with me or call me crazy, either way this was the proverbial straw that broke that damn camel's back. In the end I have found an increased appreciation for A Band of Gamers, what it represents and, most important of all, the incredible community that ensures its continued success. Were it not for you and your infinitely more intelligent thoughts and opinions of Resident Evil 6 I may have decided against picking up what could potentially become a game of the year contender . . . but that jury is still out.