The Walking Dead Episode 1: A New Day

Review: The Walking Dead Episode 1 A New Day

Created by Telltale games who are famous for their fantastic point-and-click style adventure games (Secret of Monkey Island), The Walking Dead delivers a refreshingly casual style of gameplay that caters more to storytelling than it does action style gaming. That being said, I would describe The Walking Dead as dialog based action game. The only "action" is some player movement (discovery) and a few quick time events during frantic segments or when simply being attacked by a zombie. But don't let the lack of "action" dissuade you from a fantastic experience.

Chapter 1 (there will be 5 episodes available in all) is available for $5 and even cheaper if you buy the series for $20. Completing the first chapter takes a couple hours and ends in a cliffhanger just like a television episode or even more succinctly, a comic book. Heavily inspired by the comic book series created by Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead's graphics looks like pages from the comic book albeit maybe less detailed (not a bad thing; just a different medium). As a bigger fan of the comic series than the television show, I love the graphics in this game!

The story follows lead character Lee who crosses path on numerous occasions with characters from the comic book (Lee has never before appeared in the comics). This is a neat touch and probably only important to fans of the series- newcomers won't catch the references/characters but won't miss out as they're not necessary to the story. As Lee, you must decide on what he says to other characters and what decisions he makes on his journey. This includes a few tough decisions (spoiler free). Lee (you) can choose to be a nice guy or be a knob while working through the story and the characters will react accordingly.

This allows for different story outcomes and your dialog choices/decisions effect how the episode 1 unfolds. Furthermore, and this is quite fascinating actually, it will also effect the game through all 5 episodes.

Had a ton of fun playing through The Walking Dead Ep 1 and immediately after finishing it wanted to play it again but then I realized something really important. Doing so would effect my 2nd and upcoming chapter outcomes and I'd rather see how it turns out based on my initial reactions rather than my well thought decisions.

Can't wait for Episode 2. Highly recommended for all gamers and even non-gamers. This is one that you can play with the wife just as long as the young ones aren't watching.