100 Salt and Sanctuary Review with a Side of Ask Anything

Joel, Shane and Karl reveal embarrassing moments, put a positive spin on Sony closing Evolution Studios, review Salt and Sanctuary, answer listener questions and choose their favorite song from the first 99 episodes.

Ep100 - Contents

Icebreaker // What is the most embarrassing moment as a co-host on ABOG?

0:05:23 Side A Video Games

Positive Spin on Gaming News // Evolution Studios, who developed many ABOG favorites such as Driveclub, Motorstorm, and Motorstorm Pacific Rift, is shut down by Sony. With included commentary from the negative side of the internet, the guys try to put a tongue-in-cheek spin on the bad news. 

Playing // Karl is buying a gaming PC and looks forward to joining the master race of gamers. With his new rig from Chillblast, he plans to dust off the Steam library thanks to game sharing with his buddy Chris (@ChrisBeanHead). Joel's seven day trial of PlayStation Vue expires with the funds for month one automatically withdrawn from his account so looks like he's a subscriber for at least thirty more days. Good timing with the NCAA tournament and March Madness in full effect. All is well thus far with Vue except for the Wisconsin Badgers loss in the NCAA tournament.

0:16:20 Review // Salt and Sanctuary for the PS4/Vita is reviewed by Karl. Developed by Ska Studios, James and Michelle Silva put a heavy influence from the Souls series in this 2D action role-playing video game. Inspired by Gamer Chatter's Backseat Gaming videos, Karl has newfound courage to try a Souls like game. He typically strays from the series due to the high level of difficulty. Fortunately enemies can only come at him from two angles in this one. Listen to his thorough review and find out if he suggests you also give it a try. Karl announces that MakinGames have added all three ABOG co-hosts as thugs in the upcoming Raging Justice game.

0:32:00 Side B Music

Ask ABOG anything // Joel, Shane and Karl answer listener questions received from Twitter @ABand of Gamers --- Scott @FL1P42 What do each of you do for a living? Chris @DastardlyJabby What is your favorite gaming system of all time? Most overrated band or artist of all time? What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own podcast? Gold Leader @DitsHavoc What would your perfect game be? Christopher Patrick @ChrisBeanHead My most amazing moment in gaming was seeing a 3D Mario run around for the first time in Mario 64. What is yours? Katie Stubbs @katieee120 Any moments in video games that have made you cry? What games would you like to see get the HD treatment? Brian Potocki @msvattk23 How do the hosts of ABOG deal with the internet fame and popularity of the show? Sergio Memmel @Musikfool81 Shoelaces or velcro? Which are the best in your respective opinions?

Music Played On This Episode

0:59:50 Favorite tunes from the first 99


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