101 XBOX Elite Controller Review And Why Joel Will Never Be A Pro Gamer

Joel proves he'll never be a pro gamer and reviews the XBOX One Elite Wireless Controller. Karl can't get enough of the Final Fantasy XV demo and shares the specs of his new gaming rig. Shane hits his way out of the flu slump with MLB The Show 16 and misses a few up-close enemies in the Doom closed multiplayer beta. In Side B the guys mention a few notable new releases and play a tune from Mechanical Life Vein and face to face. 

Ep101 - Contents

Icebreaker // In a pinch, what is your go to meal?

0:03:40 Side A Video Games

Positive Spin on Gaming News // Nintendo's first smartphone app, Miitomo, launched on March 31st. Will this signify the beginning of what a lot of gamers have long been waiting for? Nintendo focusing on software rather than hardware? Final Fantasy XI's PlayStation 2 servers were shut and some are calling it the symbolic ending to the beloved console. 

Playing // Karl plays through the Final Fantasy XV Demo a couple times and even tries dying on purpose to prolong a game session. Karl's son Luke is on Spring break and introduces Karl to Minecraft. Even though his gaming PC has arrived, Karl has yet to join the master ranks since it's having some technical difficulties. He may need to ship it back for repairs but still happily shares the specs for his new VR-ready gaming rig. Shane has been playing Benadryl, NyQuil and MLB The Show 16 (PS4). He shares his impressions of PlayStation 4's annual Major League Baseball sim. Since it practically booted the game and handed the controller to him, Shane tried the Doom closed multiplayer beta and survived just pressing X. Joel ventures into rare territory and plays some online multiplayer. He finally tries the multiplayer in Halo 5: Guardians and quite enjoys it. He then shares his impressions of Hyrule Warriors Legends (3DS).

0:31:00 Review // XBOX Elite Wireless Controller

0:43:30 Side B Music // Now that Shane has heard the record, Joel and Shane share their impressions of face to face's newest album Protection. They then quickly run down notable new releases including Bob Mould Patch The Sky, Bombino Azel, Black Stone Cherry Kentucky, The Last Shadow Puppets Everything You've Come To Expect, ABOG's 'Now Spinning' Spotify Playlist

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