103 Tales From The Dark Zone Jukebox

It's grilling season so the guys toss their favorite meat on the barbecue before hitting up what they've been playing, give Tom Clancy's The Division a thorough review, discuss notable new music releases, share their record store day loot and play out the show with a funk/soul tune from Charles Bradley.

Ep103 Contents

Icebreaker // What is your favorite food to grill out?

0:03:00 Side A Video Games

Playing (Impressions) // Karl pushes his new PC past current console capabilities with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Doom Open Beta while possibly having more fun playing well below it's power threshold with the quirky and addictive Stardew Valley. He also continues his play through of Salt and Sanctuary (PS4) and finally gets his hands on Arcade Archives Bubble Bobble for the PS4. The NHL playoffs get Shane in the mood to play more NHL 16 (PS4). Battleborn Open Beta reminds Shane of Borderlands The Holy Grail but not in a good way. Joel impulsively buys a Nintendo 64 from the Midwest Gaming Classic but realizes shortly thereafter how horrible it looks on his modern television. He should have bought an arcade cabinet instead but ran out of time and probably would have been talked out of it anyway. Before putting the N64 back in the shiny box, he does manage to play Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, Wave Race and Beetle Adventure Racing. Then some Elevator Action (PS3) and Quantum Break (XBOX One).

0:19:10 Review // Tom Clancy's The Division

0:32:55 Side B Music

Notable New Releases // Parquet Courts Human Performance via Rough Trade Records, Charles Bradley Changes on Daptone Records, Sturgill Simpson A Sailor's Guide To The Earth

Record Store Day Loot // Joel and Shane both couldn't find a copy of Sturgill Simpson's new record and Joel laments not having any record stores nearby. Shane drives to Bellingham, Washington to not see Mudhoney but scores Pete Doherty/James Johnston The Whole World World Is Our Playground, Brian Fallon's Georgia and two copies of NOFX Sid & Nancy. Karl skipped the record stores to have a few beers with a good friend of the show, Chris @DastardlyJabby from The Same Coin Podcast, while getting in the spirit by taking turns spinning tunes on the pub jukebox.

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