104 Eight Cores A Week

Shane is tongue tied after the cherry blossoms disappear but manages to give a state of the union for racing games on current gen consoles. He also ponders an XBOX One after hearing Joel's review of Quantum Break. Joel unboxes his Wii U for the third time and admires the guitar prowess of Prince.

Ep104 - Contents

Icebreaker // Has a pre-order bonus ever been a deciding factor in purchasing a video game?

0:03:15 Side A Video Games

News // With PlayStation Neo and also a possible XBOX One iteration looming, the guys try and put a positive spin on the news. Shane sees a sneaky Sony and Joel ponders whether or not PC gaming is in his future.

Playing (Impressions) // Joel feels vindicated after beating the Bears in an exhibition game of Madden 16 and hooks up the Wii U in anticipation of Star Fox Zero. He tries out the dlc in Mario Kart 8 and gets his ass kicked in Super Punch-Out! Shane is stuck in racing games now that the cherry blossoms are gone. Somehow it makes sense as he shares his love of Driveclub and Project Cars while also giving a quick state of the union address for racing games on current consoles.

0:35:00 Review // Quantum Break (XBOX One)

0:49:55 Side B Music

New and Notable Releases // Death From Above 1979 Live at Third Man Records which Shane is avoiding until seeing them live with Eagles of Death Metal on 4/26 at PNE Forum in Vancouver. Joel continues to enjoy Sturgill Simpson's A Sailor's Guide To The Earth, discovers The Calamity Cubes! Long Cold Winter, and is spinning a gorgeous green Phylums Phylum Phyloid LP. Shane can't even begin to tell you what the first Ramones record means to him but on it's 40th anniversary makes an attempt. Last but not least, the guys pay some respect to Prince after learning of his passing.

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