107 Climbing Simulator 2016: From Cubicle to Mountain Top

Shane buys a new console and gets violated PlayStation style. Karl keeps a watchful eye on his wife and reviews Uncharted 4. Joel starts the week with Psych Fest and finishes on the heavier side with Doom.

Ep107 - Contents

Icebreaker // What one piece of technology from today would you send back to your high school self?

Side A Video Games

0:04:40 Positive Spin // Disney announces they will no longer be publishing video games and are discontinuing the Disney Infinity franchise.

0:06:15 Playing (Impressions) // Shane hooks up a new white VCR (aka XBOX One) and gives his initial impressions of the console, Forza Horizon 2, Forza 6 and the controller. He then shares a story about a perceived home intrusion turning out to be a compromised PlayStation account and deactivated consoles. He works closely with Sony to not resolve the situation so the saga will continue.

Joel is having about the same bad luck as Shane but only in cards. He tries his hand at Texas Hold 'Em (XBOX 360) and damn near exhausts all available funds until winning enough back to walk away from the table with an opp to return later. He also recently picked up the new Doom (XBOX One) and is anxious to play through and review it on an upcoming episode.

The Mrs. now has her own PlayStation accounts so Karl has been feverishly trying to defend all of his trophies. Together they have been playing lots of family gaming including Towerfall Ascension (PS4). When not battling his own kin for video game supremacy, Karl plays more Borderlands 2 (PS4), Table Top Racing (PS4),  Mario Kart 8 (Wii U) and World of Warcraft (PC).

0:54:35 Review // Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (aka Climbing Simulator 2016) for the PlayStation 4.

Side B Music

1:16:15 New Releases // First new Stone Roses tune in 21 years and Radiohead's A Moon Shaped Pool

1:28:00 Heavy Rotation // Joel checks out Psych Fest at the Cactus Club and is treated to sets by Calliope, Klaus Johann Grobe & Ryley Walker. He's been spinning all three ever since. The guys close out the show with their thoughts and a tune from the new LP, Paradise, from Vancouver's White Lung.

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