108 A Little Respect (Just A Little Bit)

Sir Willem Something Shane likes puzzle platformers and being treated with respect from customer service. Joel longs for a video game version of Rummy as he spends the week stuck on the same Pixel Junk Monsters level. Karl bakes up a few new gaming experiences on the PC and ruins a couple families teaching kids a basic beat.

Ep108 - Contents

Icebreaker // What time did you get up this morning?

Side A Video Games

0:03:40 Shane's PlayStation woes and whether or not he was able to reactivate his consoles and resume full network service for all the machines he's purchased from Sony.

0:08:45 Playing (Impressions) // Week two for Shane with his new XBOX One (his first ever XBOX console). He's been on there enjoying more of Forza 6. He's also been playing Life Goes On: Done to Death and gives a mini review of the game.

Joel tries to return to form with Pixel Junk Monsters and ends up stuck on the same hard level all week. With cash still in hand, he also plays more rounds of Texas Hold 'Em and wishes he could play Rummy for fake cash instead. 

Karl takes on a rookie role in Ghostbusters: The Video Game and fights a boss with headphones on in The Game Bakers' Furi (link). He then builds himself back up into giant form in Goliath from Whalebox Studio (link).

Side B Music

0:33:00 Heavy Rotation // Pearl Jam set to reissue No Code and Yield along with the 7 inch singles from both records. 

0:35:00 New Releases // Shane gives four thumbs up to Weezer Pinkerton via Vinyl Me Please and Joel recommends Mechanical Life Vein's live set from MGC Music 2016. Available to stream for free on Bandcamp and to download for only $3 (link).

Music Played In This Episode

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