109 Karl Doesn't Remember, Karl Doesn't Recall

Shane finds a clever way to blame shitty episodes of ABOG on the listener and crowns an early favorite of the year after finding a horse head mask. Karl provides some impressions of Overwatch after recruiting his family to earn him achievement points in Solitaire. Joel digs holes, plays the hell out of Doom and adds Midwest Death Rattle's Post-Apocalypso to the growing 2016 top list of records.

Ep109 - Contents

Icebreaker // What do you think the secret to a good life is?

Side A Video Games

0:03:30 ABOG Recommends // Disney has ceased publishing video games recently but have put out a couple gems over the years. Most notably a title Joel played a ton of on the PlayStation 3. Originally released in 2010 and developed by Black Rock Studio. Players take part in a fictional reality TV show. Special events can be triggered after filling up a "Power Meter". HUD contains minimal data in order to showcase more of the on-screen action. Arcade racer with tight controls. Game ends with a "To be continued..." but doubtful that will ever come to fruition as a sequel was in production but cancelled in December 2010.

0:08:00 Playing (Impressions) // Shane's talking about Forza 6 the past couple episodes has gotten both Karl and Joel in the mood to check it out. Karl is up first driving us through a couple laps on the PC version along with the aid of the Forza Hub Windows App (link). Shane and Joel then share their Forza 6 experiences from the week and discover a budding drivatar rivalry.

0:14:50 Karl links his gamertag to Lovely Rita (his PC if you're a noob to ABOG) and immediately starts chasing achievement points in Microsoft Solitaire Collection (link). Even recruits his family to help farm points for him. He's mainly been playing the PlayStation 4 version of Overwatch however, and he explains why it's the game for him at the moment. Leads to a discussion about why Star Wars Battlefront was knocked for a lack of a single player campaign but not a peep about Overwatch in that regard. 

0:24:50 Shane continues his time with Life Goes On: Done to Death on the PlayStation 4 and crowns it an early favorite of the year after discovering the horse head mask. 

0:26:00 When not being directed around the yard with a shovel, Joel plays more comfort food with his long-time favorite Pixel Junk Monsters on the PlayStation 3. He also continues his play through of Doom and gives a decent impression of the game whiles saving more for a review in the next episode. 

Side B Music

0:31:40 Heavy Rotation // White Lung's Paradise continues to dominate time on their players and Karl gets the first chance to check out the tour in support of this new release. The opening band, You Dirty Blue (link), impresses and White Lung blows out Karl's ears in the best way possible.

0:41:50 Notable New Releases // A long-time ABOG favorite, Midwest Death Rattle, release Post-Apocalypso and Joel gushes over it for a couple minutes. Karl spins the new Clapton I Still Do and Catfish And The Bottlemen's The Ride. Shane dives back into his 90's Canadian garage rock roots and reminisces about a couple bands and gigs. Notably Sloan out of Toronto (link) and Vancouver's 5440 (link).

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