110 All Along The Overwatch Tower

The Overwatch hype train hasn't passed ABOG as all three guys have been playing the game and share their impressions of it. Shane's face melts off seeing La Sera and he smashes up the place in Dangerous Golf. Karl benefits from being a cheapskate on Steam and shows off his space exploration skills in Rebel Galaxy. Joel faces Doom when entering a mall so opts for no pants and the wrong size shoes instead.

Ep110 - Contents

Icebreaker // What does your lady like to do a lot, that you don't like to do yourself, that you do for her when you're really trying to make her happy?

Side A Video Games

0:04:30 Playing (Impressions And Reviews) // All three guys have been playing Overwatch and share their impressions of the game.

0:16:30 Karl roars through the twenties in Guns, Gore & Cannoli and then is a cheapskate on Steam playing a couple freebies including SNOW (link) and StarBreak (link). The main game he's been playing however, besides Overwatch, is Rebel Galaxy.

0:23:45 Dangerous Golf reminds Shane of Pain, one of his favorite PlayStation titles, so it's no surprise he's been thoroughly enjoying the game and score chasing it with friends. 

0:31:55 Joel gives his verdict on Doom and only makes a quick reference to Pixel Junk Monsters when admitting his addiction to it.

Side B Music

0:36:10 Heavy Rotation // La Sera live May 28th at the Biltmore Cabaret in Vancouver melts Shane's face off.

0:42:30 Notable New Releases // Zach Quinn One Week Records (link), Steve Gunn Eyes On The Lines (link), Volbeat Seal The Deal & Let's Boogie, Antler House Across The Waves (link)

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