116 Don't Make A Number Two

Karl has to capture them all. The llamas of course. Joel boxes up his PlayStation 3 in a desperate attempt to curb his PixelJunk Monsters addiction and sprays deodorizer in the bathroom. Shane heals the ABOG team and makes up words.


How should Joel address the situation regarding an offender of small office bathroom etiquette?

0:10:30 News

Nintendo may have released a new app that has quickly become a worldwide phenomenon, but the guys are more excited about different Nintendo news. They do yack a bit about Pokemon Go though.

0:31:00 Playing (Impressions)

  • Inside // XBOX One

  • Alto's Adventure // Windows

  • Lost Castle // Steam

  • Furi // PlayStation 4

  • Life Is Strange // XBOX One

  • PixelJunk Monsters // PlayStation 3

  • Overwatch // PlayStation 4

0:50:30 Notable New Music

  • Blink-182 California

  • This Wild Life "Pull Me Out" from their forthcoming Low Tides LP

Music Played In This Episode

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