119 Batman Ego Pitch

As Batman it's possible Karl could save Shane and his PlayStation Vita from any more agonizing games of Sound Shapes, but he can't save Joel from the green screen of death nor his impulsion to push his 4K TV with an XBOX One S.

0:04:45 Gaming News

  • XBOX One summer update gives both Joel and Karl some grief
  • Inside coming to the PlayStation 4 later this month
  • Pabst Can Crusher Pinball Machine // youtu.be/piyX4-LZ0kE

0:26:00 Playing

  • Karl takes the lead in Super Mega Baseball // PlayStation 4
  • Shane is not a fan of Sound Shapes // PlayStation Vita
  • Life Is Strange // XBOX One
  • Telltale's Batman // XBOX One
  • Neverwinter // PlayStation 4
  • Overwatch // PlayStation 4
  • Lucio Ball (via Overwatch) // PlayStation 4

0:57:40 Music

  • White Lung gig impressions from 8/5/16 at Turner Hall in Milwaukee
  • Tiny Rockets Satan 7"

1:11:15 Post Game

  • Shout Outs
  • Cuts (Outtakes)

Music Played In This Episode

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