120 Planet 4K HDR10 One S

Joel gorges on meatballs, reviews the XBOX One S and decides how much more planetary exploration he'll be doing in No Man's Sky. Shane wants a new pair of shoes in order to feel guilty for not running and hopes for CD playback in the PlayStation Neo. Karl preps for a Wonderbook cross Vita system while playing two games that together equal one.

0:06:30 Gaming News

  • XBOX One S is out and Joel has a review
  • PlayStation event perhaps to reveal the Neo scheduled for 9/7/16

0:26:15 Playing

  • Pokemon Go // Mobile
  • Time Clickers // Steam
  • Neverwinter // PlayStation 4
  • Need For Speed // XBOX One
  • No Man's Sky // PlayStation 4
  • Overwatch // PlayStation 4

0:59:00 Music

  • Dinosaur Jr. Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not LP
  • Green Day "Bang Bang" single
  • Tune from The Atomic Spins "Salt"

1:17:45 Post Game

  • Shout Outs
  • Cuts (Outtake)

Music Played In This Episode

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