128 Pays To Wait

ABOG returns with Mafia III boat hopping, XBOX One outsells PlayStation 4, Mantis Burn Racing review, new records from Green Day and NOFX, tune from NOFX, King Biscuit Flower Hour and Friday Night Video Fights.

In This Episode:

0:05:15 Gaming News

  • Mafia III bugs and a classic soundtrack
  • XBOX One outsells PlayStation 4 in US for third straight month

0:13:15 Review: Mantis Burn Racing

0:25:20 Playing

0:30:00 New Records

  • Green Day Revolution Radio
  • NOFX First Ditch Effort

0:42:45 Post Game

  • Email
    • King Biscuit Flower Hour
    • Friday Night Video Fights

Music Played In This Episode

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