134 Not Our Joel

Video games walk the red carpet while fanboys scream for attention, review of The Crew's Calling All Units dlc, Joel's XBOX One S takes off, recommended new record from Wolf People, a Hot Coffin scorcher and recharging the batteries to finish the show.

In This Episode:

0:01:35 Gaming News

0:30:30 Video Games

  • Super Dungeon Bros
  • Minecraft: Story Mode
  • The Crew Calling All Units
  • XBOX One S Ready For Takeoff

0:49:30 Notable New Record

  • Wolf People Ruins

1:07:53 Post Game

  • Recharging The Batteries
  • Email your favorite album and game released in 2016 to Email@ABOGpod.com

Music Played In This Episode (With Permission)

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