169 Thick Enough To Stop Cross Play

Sony's handling of cross-platform play with Fortnite reminds Joel of their former arrogance, Shane doesn't like free games and Karl thinks Oatmeal Man is the worst superhero ever.

0:06:35 Side A Video Games


  • Sony blocking Fortnite cross-play between PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch

  • The red label is back with Greatest Hits on PlayStation 4

  • Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo 2018


  • The Crew 2

  • Mario Tennis Aces

Easy PlayStation Trophies (E-Penis)

  • Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour

  • Batman: The Telltale Series

  • Wheels of Aurelia

  • Devious Dungeon

1:13:45 Beers

  • Hyde & Wilde American Style IPA | Sainsbury's

  • Power Slide | Parallel 49 Brewing Company

  • Elvis Juice | BrewDog

1:23:10 Side B Music

Recommended Album 

  • Parquet Cours Wide Awake!

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  • The Interrupters Fight the Good Fight

  • Mad Caddies Punk Rocksteady

  • Jpegmafia Veteran

  • Guns 'N Roses Appetite For Destruction (Super Deluxe Edition)

  • Kamasi Washington Heaven and Earth

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