175 Hit The Cabbage

You’ve got a winning bingo card with this episode. It ticks all the ABOG boxes. Gaming news, impressions of upcoming games, excellent record recommendations, Joel ripping on Metallica, Shane and Karl needing to be saved from another Oasis diatribe and your free middle square goes to the main glommer man.

0:02:50 Side A Video Games


  • Sony announced the PlayStation Classic. Releasing on December 3rd, the mini console will include 20 pre-loaded games of which five have been announced so far Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3 and Wild Arms.

  • PlayStation decides to play well with the other consoles and give their fans and third party partners what they’ve been asking for. That of course being cross play which is now available in beta form within Fortnite. More plans and details coming soon about other games to be added.

  • Telltale Games closes their studio and lays off 274 employees except for a staff of two dozen who will remain and finish the port of Minecraft for Netflix. Robert Kirkman, creator and author behind the popular The Walking Dead franchise, will finish production on the final season of The Walking Dead game via his Skybound Games. He also plans to hire on Telltale Games’ employees to help with this endeavor. Gamers hoping for a proper ending to the Clementine storyline will get their wish.


  • Karl’s impressions of upcoming game releases from the show floor at EGX 2018

    • Kingdom Hearts III

    • Dreams

    • Soulcalibur VI

    • Jump Force

    • Spyro Reignited Trilogy

    • Lego DC Super-Villains

    • Metro Exodus

    • Disco Elysium

    • Catastronauts!

    • Swimsanity!

    • Valfaris

    • Starlink

0:33:40 Beers

  • Sasquatch Stout | Old Yale Brewing

  • Mango Lassi Heathen | Northern Monk Brew

  • Haze Before the Storm | Raised Grain Brewing

0:43:15 Side B Music

Recommended Albums

  • Featured recommendation from Shane, The Dirty Nil Master Volume, leads the guys into a few tangential conversations that ends up ticking all the ABOG boxes including Joel ripping on the sad current state of Metallica and then having to interrupt Shane and Karl from going into another long-winded Oasis diatribe.

  • Joe Bonamassa Redemption

  • Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators Living the Dream

  • Joyce Manor Million Dollars to Kill Me

Johnny Marr live at the Vogue Theatre on September 20th

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  • Intro, segue and outro music provided with permission by Tiny Rockets

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