176 Selling Out

Forza Horizon 4 and the Analogue Super Nt. Recommended album is from Kikagaku Moyo and the record of the week is Car City S/T debut.

0:02:07 Side A Video Games


You can change your PlayStation name if have any regrets. PlayStation Classic line-up of twenty games announced. Highlights from XBOX X018 including the acquisition of two more studios Obsidian and InXile. Crackdown is free in the XBOX Store until the end of November. PubG now available in XBOX Game Pass. Mouse and keyboard support coming to the XBOX console


Forza Horizon 4 and Analogue Super Nt

0:36:52 Drinking

Kentucky Straight Bourbon | Woodford Reserve

Tangle Ridge Canadian Whisky Double Cask

Space Champagne Brett IPA | 1840 Brewing Company

0:42:39 Side B Music

Recommended Album

Kikagaku MoyoMasonic Temples

Listening To 

Polyrhythmics Caldera after seeing the band live at Shank Hall on 10/24/18

Record of the Week

Car City Car City 


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