183 Usual Listening Program

Chocolate for breakfast, punching producer mini games, requiring hot food at work, walls, The Gardens Between, Abby Jeanne Music Box Dancer and the usual listening program.

0:03:39 Side A Video Games


Bungie breaks away from Activision and now controls their own Destiny. Sony gives the keys to Rocket League players and opens up cross-platform play for the second title so far. Nintendo releases two more NES games for their online Switch service and someone finds hidden code indicating a potential super future.


  • The Grand Tour Game with a direct tie to the television show

  • Ravva and the Cyclops Curse

  • The Gardens Between


  • Cat Quest

0:38:57 Drinking

Beere Brewing Co. | Mental Floss

BrewDog | Quench Quake

Barry Homebrew | Cream Ale

0:46:45 Side B Music

Recommended Album

Abby Jeanne Music Box Dancer


Listening To 

  • Fever 333 Strength In Numb333rs

  • Son Little Son Little

  • Erykah Badu live at Eagles Ballroom 1/18/19

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