184 Save The Shelf

Shane likes the physical, Joel talks to his house and Karl doesn't look forward to ironing because he's not a freak.

0:02:25 Side A Video Games


  • Marshmello performs live concert in Fortnite and 10 million attended. Won't be buying any of his records but this is a pretty awesome moment and an excellent combination of music and gaming linked together.

  • Cloud gaming might become a reality in five or so years when the infrastructure can support a lag free experience. Would lower the barrier of entry for gamers wanting to play AAA games that don't have an expensive computer or the latest consoles. A lot of bigmcompanies are investing in this future including Microsoft, Sony, Amazon, Google, Verizon and there are rumors Apple is also going to be there. It's been in the news for a couple months now and the guys have a chat about what it might mean to the future of console gaming and how they feel about this eventual inevitability.


  • The First Tree

  • Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

  • Kingdom Hearts III

  • The Crew 2

  • NHL 19


1:00:30 Drinking

1:08:00 Side B Music

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  • Green Day Dookie 25th anniversay spin

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  • Colter Wall Songs of the Plains

  • Rival Sons Feral Roots

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