196 Blood Red Gamers

Shane has a first basemen's glove for hands which aids him in craft beer drinking and pizza eating but also creates a need for a proper D-pad on his controllers. Therefore he may be in the market for a Nintendo Switch Lite later this year. 

Joel might be injured, according to a joint letter penned by Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, due to tariffs causing a price increase on consoles sold in the United States. Not like a 2x4 to the knee injured though. 

Karl likes a little action in his football sims and enjoys opening a label flap to read about his beers while drinking them. He also contributed the recommended record in this episode that has hints of 90's thrash, Queens of the Stone Age and A Day To Remember.

0:02:37 Side A Video Games


  • If you haven't yet purchased a Nintendo Switch, you've got some options incoming.

  • Nintendo Switch Lite announced and it may have convinced Shane to pull the trigger and buy one.

  • Current Switch model getting a new battery. Look for the red boxes starting around the middle of August.

  • Tariffs could increase the price of consoles in the United States by 25%. Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft join teams to pen a letter asking their systems be excluded from the tariffs.


  • Review of New Star Manager (PlayStation 4)

  • State of Decay 2 (XBOX One)

  • Looney Toons B-Ball (Super Nintendo)

  • Super Blood Hockey (PlayStation 4)

0:39:25 Beers and Cheers

0:43:48 Side B Music

Recommended Records:

  • Bokassa Crimson Riders


  • Punk in Drublic 2019 live in Vancouver on Saturday July 13th at PNE Amphitheatre with NOFX, Bad Religion, The Real McKenzies, Anti-Flag, Chixdiggit and The Last Gang

  • Janelle Monae live in London on July 2nd at Wembley Arena

  • Rotting Christ The Heretics

  • Alice Donut

  • Jorge Ben Africa Brasil

  • Dos Santos Logos

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Intro, segue and outro music provided by Tiny Rockets and used with permission. 

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