98 Dan Loosen and Midwest Gaming Classic

Joel and Shane are joined by Dan Loosen, co-founder and co-event organizer of Midwest Gaming Classic, and they talk about the evolution of Midwest Gaming Classic and how a community of passionate people saved it from extinction. Dan shares a mantra he learned working at Six Flags Great America that he applies to day-to-day life and contributes to running such a successful and popular annual event.

In Side B and since A Band of Gamers contributes MGC Music to Midwest Gaming Classic, they talk through their first year running it and what they've changed to make it even better this year. Bob Dylan inadvertently provides Dan with his best concert experience and Michael Jackson tops off his list for dream line-up at a music festival. 


0:01:05 Side A Video Games

1:08:20 Side B Music


  • Intro CW Ayon song clip from "Catron County Time" Enough To Be Proud
  • Outro CW Ayon "In My Dreams" Enough To Be Proud // Website // iTunes // Bandcamp // Facebook


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